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Bankruptcy is a process...Not the end.

Providence Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Lawyer

Experienced Chapter 11 Attorney – Massachusetts and Rhode Island

Before you decide to close the doors of your business or give up on your real estate investments, you should contact bankruptcy attorney Gail Balser. Our founder has helped Massachusetts and Rhode Island-based businesses and property investors stay afloat through a Chapter 11 business bankruptcy reorganization. While it is not the solution for what ails all struggling companies, it can be an option for you in securing a permanent solution.

Take action now while you can still save your business. You have rights under bankruptcy laws. Let us help you assert those rights. Contact our Massachusetts office at 508-499-3366 or our Rhode Island office at 401-250-5520.

The Help You Need From a Massachusetts and Rhode Island Business Bankruptcy Lawyer

You may have explored various options to save your business and investment property. However, a lack of revenue and increased expenses impact the future of your enterprise. You worked hard to establish and grow your company and its assets. Your employees need their jobs. Loyal customers rely on your products and services. Tenants count on you as their landlord to keep a roof over their heads.

At BK Law Group PC, we treat each bankruptcy case individually. If a Chapter 11 filing is the best option, we will move quickly to stop creditor harassment and aggressive collection and foreclosure actions.

There may be a possibility of being able to “cram down” or “strip off” mortgages and other liens that exceed the value of the real estate if those properties are not solely a debtor’s principal residence.

During difficult financial times, you do not want an attorney who takes a template approach to such a serious matter. We conduct a detailed analysis of your situation and come up with a solution. If you own rental property with decreasing value that is now less than the mortgages, we can restructure and achieve substantial savings of the principle.

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Do not delay. Keep your business and entrepreneurial dreams alive. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced lawyer regarding a Chapter 11 business reorganization or non-bankruptcy alternatives, please contact us.