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Bankruptcy is a process...Not the end.

Providence Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

A Massachusetts and Rhode Island Chapter 13 Attorney Helping You Start Over

Creditor harassment and threats of foreclosure are likely occupying your thoughts and affecting both your personal and professional life. Making ends meet has become a thing of the past. You do not see your way out of a bottomless pit of uncontrollable debt.

You do have options. You have rights, starting with the right to protect your valuable assets by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. At BK Law Group PC, we can help you reorganize your debts into a manageable payment plan and secure that fresh start you have been seeking for so long.

Even if you do not qualify for a Chapter 7 debt discharge, you can still strip a second mortgage and reduce the principle owed on your family home through filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Contact our Massachusetts office at 508-499-3366 or our Rhode Island office at 401-250-5520.

Attleboro Stop Foreclosure Attorney

Clients have referred to us as their “saviour” in protecting their valuable assets, specifically a family home. In many cases, we have been able to eliminate second mortgages and reduce principle amounts for one home or multiple pieces of real estate. The moment we file your Chapter 13 bankruptcy, all foreclosure actions against your house or steps to repossess your car must stop. Harassing creditors must cease any and all contact with you regarding debt collection.

There may be a possibility of being able to “cram down” or “strip off” mortgages and other liens that exceed the value of the real estate if those properties are not solely a debtor’s principal residence. If you own a two or three family home you may qualify to shave hundreds of thousands of dollars off the principal balance of the mortgage on your home.

Do not fear the supposed stigma of bankruptcy. There is no shame in taking that important step. Clients of all income levels and notoriety have come to our firm for help. Loan modifications will not cut your principle. Debt consolidation companies would prefer you contact them instead of us. What they will not tell you is that only a bankruptcy attorney can assert your rights under bankruptcy laws and truly protect what you hold most valuable.

Get the protection you need. Get the fresh start you deserve.

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