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Bankruptcy is a process...Not the end.

Attleboro Credit Card Debt Attorney

Providence Credit Card Payment Lawyer

With a decent credit rating, a credit card is not hard to come by. Companies aggressively send out letters promising pre-approval with hundreds and thousands of dollars at your disposal. One card becomes two. Two cards become three. Soon, high interest rates cause your debt to skyrocket. A sudden loss of a job or medical problem creates an inability to pay. Late fees accrue. Creditor harassment intensifies.

At BK Law Group PC, we understand that credit card debt can spiral out of your control. You do not have to endure the ongoing stress. A Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy could help you get the fresh start you need, free from high-interest debt.

Credit card debt will not disappear on its own. Creditors will not stop their aggressive tactics in collecting the debt. Contact our Massachusetts office at 508-499-3366 or our Rhode Island office at 401-250-5520.

Reorganize Your Debt With the Help of a Massachusetts and Rhode Island Debt Relief Lawyer

Credit card debt is a common reason that people find themselves in need of bankruptcy protection. The ease of getting a card or multiple accounts and making purchases where you only have to pay a small monthly amount is simply a trap. While it is a quandary that you got yourself into, you still have rights to discharge or reorganize that credit card debt.

Take action now and stop creditor harassment and ever-increasing interest rates and late fees.

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