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Bankruptcy is a process...Not the end.

Why Should I Hire A Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Experienced Providence Bankruptcy Attorney

If you are facing an overwhelming amount of debt and are not sure what to do about handling it, there are many options that are available to you. At the BK Law Group PC, we understand you are likely going through a very difficult time and may be facing complicated decisions. Our highly trained bankruptcy attorney has the tools to assist you in making the choices that will most benefit you in the long run and get you back on the path to financial stability.

Some people may think it is easy to file for bankruptcy themselves, or try to negotiate their debts on their own. Most will soon find out that the laws are quite complex and that creditors are not very eager to work out solutions to your debt willingly. The chances of making costly errors on a bankruptcy filing can lead to long delays and unreleased debt if not done correctly. And while attempting to negotiate debt with a creditor, they may file a lawsuit which will require legal help eventually.

There are also many debt negotiation and counseling services currently available that aspire to helping individuals with their debt, however they are not able to provide you with legal advice. They cannot effectively represent you with certain creditors, especially those who have filed lawsuits or wage garnishments. It can also occur during the settlement process that one of your creditors files a lawsuit and a debt negotiation company will be unable to defend you if this occurs. Although some of these company’s ads may sound promising and inexpensive, a majority of them take their fees upfront regardless of the outcome they eventually achieve for you.

Attorneys are legally bound by a code of ethics when representing you and will work diligently on your behalf to either negotiate your debts or advise you whether a bankruptcy is the right choice for your circumstances. Our firm will not make empty promises as to what we can do for you, rather we will carefully discuss your best options and purse the objective of getting your debts under control, either through bankruptcy or other debt handling means.

Learn about the benefits of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer by contacting attorney Gail Balser today.