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Bankruptcy is a process...Not the end.

Avoiding Foreclosure Scams

Attleboro and Providence Foreclosure Defense Attorney

Foreclosure Scams

Foreclosures in Massachusetts and Rhode Island are at an all time high, with thousands of people in the Attleboro and Providence areas losing their homes recently. Many unfortunate homeowners at risk of losing their homes will try anything to try to save them. Because of this, they can be conned by unscrupulous people into falling for scams that will supposedly save their homes. If you are facing foreclosure, your best option to do something effective is to retain the services of a qualified foreclosure defense attorney from BK Law Group PC. Attorney Balser has worked with numerous clients in successfully salvaging their homes from foreclosure. Her satisfied and happy clients have nick named her “My home saviour” because of the hard work and dedication she puts in to saving every home she can.

One must be wary of companies stating they buy homes for cash or offer instant refinancing. Many of these companies are out to take your home through fraudulent means. Some of them purport to allow you to be bailed out of your delinquent payments by their company and remain in your home as a renter, with the opportunity to buy it back later. But this is just a ruse to take control of your equity in your home, borrowing against it. Your buy back never materializes. Another scam is being asked to sign paperwork that is supposedly to allow the company to negotiate with your lender on your behalf, but in actuality are documents to transfer ownership to that company. The homeowner is eventually evicted from their own home by the unscrupulous company. Perhaps one of the most common and legitimate sounding one is the company that takes upfront fees to negotiate a loan modification for you with your lender and keep your house from foreclosure. In actuality, they may make several phone calls and have you fill out paperwork, but do little else to avoid your house from being foreclosed.

Effective Foreclosure Defense Legal Assistance

There are many options available that can help save your home from foreclosure, and only a foreclosure defense lawyer can provide you with all the right choices that will work for your financial situation. When you are facing foreclosure, don’t fall for the scams. Attorney Balser will always tell you upfront whether she can help you or not. Contact us today for your free initial consultation.

If you were trying to prevent foreclosure and then were scammed, call the Foreclosure Defense Attorneys at BK Law Group PC for assistance.