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Bankruptcy is a process...Not the end.

Debt Negotiation Lawyer in Attleboro and Providence

Handling Debt Negotiation

Many Americans are finding themselves deep in debt due to the economic recession. Either through loss of a job, unexpected medical bills or increases in their mortgage payments, they are now unable to meet their monthly obligations. If you find yourself in this situation a debt negotiation attorney from BK Law Group PC can assist in negotiating your debts with any of the companies you owe money to. Whether they are credit cards, personal loans, vehicle loans or even your mortgage, our attorneys can assist you in working to handle your debt situation.

An experienced debt negotiation lawyer has the knowledge of the law you often require when dealing with creditors. Retaining our office will immediately stop any harassing collection calls you have been receiving. They will now have to deal with our office. If any pending lawsuits were filed against you, our legal team will contact the lender or their representative to negotiate terms that will work for you. When an attorney is contacting your creditors to negotiate settlement, most lenders know that you are serious about negotiating and settling your debt. They will respond to our efforts in a more positive manner than when contacted by you directly or by a credit counseling service that is not a licensed attorney.

Experienced Debt Reorganization Attorney

Our office is ready to aggressively negotiate with your creditors to reduce your principal balance and settle on a reduced figure. You can attempt to negotiate the debt yourself or through a debt consolidation company, but neither you nor the credit consolidation company have the legal resources and knowledge of the law that a bankruptcy lawyer has to effectively negotiate a settlement on your behalf. Our office will negotiate and charge you only on results, not promises. If we do not obtain a settlement figure that saves you money, we have not earned our fee.

BK Law Group PC has been assisting residents throughout all of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including the greater Attleboro and Providence areas for over 20 years. Attorney Balser is dedicated and cares about helping her clients through their difficulties.

To learn about debt negotiation procedures and the benefits that might be available to you, call an Attleboro and Providence Debt Negotiation Lawyer from BK Law Group PC.