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Bankruptcy is a process...Not the end.

Rhode Island Home Loan Modification Scams Defense Lawyer

Pawtucket Property Mortgage Attorney

There is a serious problem in Massachusetts and Rhode Island resulting from a growing number of companies who profess to be loan modification experts, but are just preying on unsuspecting consumers who are trying to save their homes. With the large increase in foreclosures across the United States, numerous homeowners are looking for answers to help keep them from losing their homes. Thousands of these loan modification companies have sprouted up, many unlicensed in any way and promoting themselves as experts in the field. Many of them are from out of state and may not even be familiar with the laws of the states of Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Almost all of them charge large upfront fees which are not refundable. Yet their success rate in questionable and if they are unable to help you, you can lose your home and still be out the money you were required to pay them. To competently obtain a loan modification, you need a Massachusetts loan modification attorney who is familiar with our state laws and know the mortgage industry inside and out. At BK Law Group PC our attorneys have been helping the residents of Bristol, Norfolk, Worcester, Middlesex, Plymouth and Barnstable Counties in Massachusetts and throughout Rhode Island for over 20 years. With her dedicated and caring help, she has helped hundred save their homes by successfully obtaining loan modifications. Attorney Balser is known to those she has helped as “My Home Saviour”, working diligently to push through whatever obstacles come up in order to save your home.

Recently the state Attorney General has pursued these fraudulent companies charging upfront fees. While it has been stated that asking for upfront fees is illegal, this provision does not apply to attorneys. When an attorney takes anyone’s case, except in personal injury cases, a retainer fee is almost always collected. However, it is the duty of the attorney to hold this retainer in trust, applying it towards work performed only as it is completed. Any amount of the retainer not used is refunded back to the client. When you obtain the services of a licensed attorney to handle your loan modification, you have a loan modification lawyer who is proficient in the legal issues that can arise during the process, including contract law and responding to any legal procedures begun to foreclose on your home.

Our office will not give you empty promises on what we can do for you. After a careful analysis of your specific financial situation, our attorney will determine if you even qualify for a loan modification, and will not take your money if you can’t be helped. Be aware that there are many other options in addition to a loan modification that our office can also help you with. Other loan mod companies have no other solutions for you, they cannot help you with a short sale, nor can they advise you on whether a bankruptcy would better serve your circumstances.

Get the Help You Need From a Professional

When faced with the difficult situation of a foreclosure, avoid going to a company that is not an attorney. A qualified attorney who focuses on this area of the law and knows the state’s laws regarding foreclosure and loan contracts is your best option for your loan modification. Contact our office for a personal free consultation today.

Don’t fall for Loan Modification scams, contact a Loan Modification Attorney from BK Law Group PC.