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Foreclosure Law

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Nothing brings more fear and uncertainty than a notice of foreclosure. Struggling to make house payments for months has led to a letter informing you that the process of foreclosure has begun. At BK Law Group PC, we want you to know that a notice of foreclosure does not mean that you automatically lose your home. For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Massachusetts and Rhode Island lawyer regarding an aggressive foreclosure defense, please contact us.

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Act Now and Make Smart Decisions to Keep Your Home

Do not delay in taking action once you have received a foreclosure notice. You have 20 days to respond. A foreclosure defense lawyer at our firm can help you launch an aggressive defense against the loss of your house. Gail Balser, the founder of our firm, has helped clients throughout the Commonwealth stay in their family home.

Do not fall prey to scams or predatory lending practices involving subprime loans. At BK Law Group PC, we look at your individual situation and try to come up with a solution. There are times when a short sale could give you a chance to start over in a new home and not worry about the excess debt. However, if you can continue house payments, albeit smaller, we can help you renegotiate your debt or file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.