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Bankruptcy is a process...Not the end.

Practice Areas

At the BK Law Group PC, we spend time with you to identify your needs and educate you on your options to resolve burdensome financial problems. From there, we put together personalized and effective strategies to secure the fresh start you so desperately need.

A Massachusetts and Rhode Island Debt Relief Attorney Asserting Your Rights to Bankruptcy

The benefits of a bankruptcy filing are numerous. You may be delaying a decision based on misconceptions involving the 2005 changes in bankruptcy laws. You may fear judgment. We do not judge. At BK Law Group PC, we help clients file the following types of bankruptcies:

For personalized advocacy when you need it most and permanent solutions to burdensome debt problems, contact our Massachusetts office at 508-499-3366 or our Rhode Island office at 401-250-5520.

The Need for an Aggressive Massachusetts and Rhode Island Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

We know that you will not be at your best when we see you. Receiving a notice of foreclosure brings fear and uncertainty. We help you understand not only what foreclosure involves, but also your debt relief options that include bankruptcy or the possibility of debt negotiation or a short sale.

When a Loan Modification Is Your Best Option

Rising foreclosure rates have forced mortgage companies to become more flexible in working with homeowners. Foreclosure is a loss for both sides. Gail Balser, the founder of our law firm, will educate you on the process and how you can qualify.

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